On 26th August 2019, Indonesian anti-dumping committee (KADI) has announced an anti dumping investigation on Aluminum coated steel import from Vietnam and China. 

The plaintiff requested an investigation identified as PT NS Bluescope Indonesia.

Accordingly, the item under investigation is aluminum coated steel with the following HS codes: 7210.61.11, 7212.50.23, 7212.50.24, 7212.50.29, 7225.99.90, 7226.99.19 and 7226.99.99.

KADI will submit a Questionnaire and a copy of the request which is not confidential and announce the commencement of this investigation to interested parties and provide an opportunity for a hearing request. 

KADI invites all interested parties to make the company to join this investigation within 14 days from the day of the announcement. 

The reason for the investigation of aluminum coated steel products was because four months ago, Indonesia had removed its safeguard measure for this product. Previously, in 2017, the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia applied safeguard measures on aluminum coated steel products with a width of 600mm or more.

However, this safeguard measure was not consistent with WTO rules, therefore, Indonesia had to remove this measure as required by the WTO on March 27, 2019.

The removal of the safeguard measure will have an impact on domestic production and there should be an alternative. Therefore, this morning, Indonesian anti-dumping committee (KADI) initiated a new anti-dumping investigation.

It is expected that within the next 14 days, the interested parties will have a letter asking to participate in the investigation. After that, it would take about a month for the parties to prepare their response for the Questionnaire. KADI will need 2-3 months to verify the information, and a hearing will take place about 1 month later. It is likely that within 5 – 6 months, Indonesia will conduct temporary tax.

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