Wire rod: MRS mainly export steel wire rod to international market such as South East Asia, India, Europe. Beside that, we also import steel wire rod from China and other markets.
The common standards are being used such as AISI, DIN. Beside that, according to the customer’s request, we can advise and meet the best.

Description Standard Application Picture
Wire Rod for Steel Cord SAE 1070, 80, 90, 92 Make tire cord
Prestressed – Concrete SAE1084, mod (BL82) Bridge
Low Carbon for Steel Wool SAE 1013 Mod (LA10 S), Fence
Low Carbon for drawing quality SAE1005, 6, 8, 10, 15,16 Clamps
Low Carbon – Mesh Quality SAE1005 Mod, 8 Mod, 10 Mod, 12,15 Wire mesh
Medium and High Carbon – Drawing Quality SAE 1045 Mod,50,55,60, Rope
65 Mod, 70 Mod, 70, 78,80, 84 Mod, 84
Cold Heading Quality SAE1005 Mod,10, 15, 18,20, 22, 38 Mod, 5140 Mod, 10 B22 Mod, 10 B30 Mod, 4135 D, 4140 D Nail.
Spring wire rods SAE 9254, SAE 5160 Springs
Wire Rod for Cold Drawn Bars SAE 1005, 10, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 Motorcycle fork
Wire Rod for Welding AWS A5.17 EL12, A5.17 EH 11K, A5.17 EM12K, A5.25 EM13K-EW, A5.1 E6010, A5.1 E6013, A5.1 E7018, A5.1 E7024,EN440 G3Si1 (SG2), EN440 G4Si1 (SG3), A5.18 ER70S-3,  A5.18 ER70S-6 Make electrodes and for automatic and semi-automatic welding.
Free Cutting Steel (Ressulfurized) DIN 11SMn37 ( BL15)

Manufacturing process: To improve the surface quality of wire rods, billets are descaled by shot blasting, and inspected for surface flaws by magnetic particle tester. Ginding machines are used to remove any surface flaws. In addition, continuos ultrasonic testing is conducted to guarantee the prime quality
Reheating furnace is carefully examined, to produce prime materials in customers’ desired properties. To prevent decarburization, billets are preheated at a low temperature, followed by a full heating process, to suit a right temperature for billets’ rolling procedure. The rolling speed and fuel-to-air ratio in the reheating furnaces are fully controlled. The rolling procedure must be carefully controlled, to adjust temperature, pressure and deformation rate to form customers’ desired characteristics.
Moreover, surface roughness, sizes, and deviations are subject to adjustment to prevent any flaws.
Precise control of temperature, air volume, speed, opening and closing of slow-cooling sections are all variables that affect physical properties. Uniform fastcooling
methods are used for high carbon steel wires, and slow-cooling method is applied for alloy and lowcarbon steel.

Sizes range of Wire rod products

Product Size  (mm) Coil weight ( tons )
Wire rods From ∅5.5 to ∅22 Up to 2.5