GI: Galvanized steel products is produced on a state of art, computer controlled production line in the world. The best available raw materials and processes are applied under controlled conditions to produce material of high quality. Our Standards widths from 600mm up to 1250mm. Other Widths and Thicknesses can be made available on request.

Product name Standard Application Picture
JIS G (3302,3321, 3322)  ASTM A (653, 792, 755) EN (10147)
Commercial quality SGCC CS Type A, B, C DX 51D Electrical appliances: Washing Machines, gas ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers coolers, elevator, vending machines, grillers, toasters, air conditioners etc.
Drawing quality SGCD2 FS Type A, B DX 52D Automotive: Doors, fenders, heat insulators, air cleaners, air conditioners etc
Deep drawing quality SGCD3 DDS Type A, C DX 53D Domestic Appliances: Water tanks, trunks, canisters, ducting, water coolers, Ice boxes, geysers, etc
Structure quality SGC340-570 SS50,80 S220-550 GD Construction: Cladding/Sliding, roofing, building accessories, sliding shutters, doors, partitions, canopies of gas stations, false ceilings, pre-fabricated buildings, sandwich panels

Manufacturing Process:
Cold rolled steel sheet is cleaned and annealed in a continuous NOX furnace before being immersed in a molten zinc bath under an inert atmosphere. The molten zinc forms a metallurgical bond with the steel and protects the substrate by a sacrificial protection mechanism; the zinc sacrifices itself to protect the steel against corrosion.
Picture: below

Sizes range of Galvanized steel products

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) ID (mm) Max coil weight (tons) Zinc coated Spangle
0.15 – 3 600-1250 508-610 Max 25 tons Z60 – Z350 Regular, Minimized, Zero